Today, everyone lauds the most incredible creations in the world – the teachers. When the Lord breathed life to teachers, His masterpieces, He knew that He was giving life to the caretakers of humanity.

Teachers deserve our praises and should not be for this single day only. Saying a simple thank you, which is not often received by teachers, would go a long way and would be enough to move them to tears.

Teaching is never easy. Oh yeah, one might contend that there is never an easy profession. Aside from having deep knowledge of the subject matter, it takes a bunch of commitment, enthusiasm, and passion to be able to touch and change lives through meaningful education. I say, it is never easy to bring love of learning in the classroom and to make a difference in the students’ lives.

Truth be told, teachers have the hefty obligation of ushering the young minds in building a new good society that leads to the elusive national prosperity. Teachers provide education and impart lifelong skills to the most important resources of the country – the youngsters – who would be the decision-makers of tomorrow. Hackneyed it seems, but, there are no brilliant minds today without the brilliant mind of teachers.

Today, everyone lauds the most incredible creations in the world – the teachers.

In the Philippine context, education has been marred with unresolved and vicious issues and dark folios, and these are old stories being brought to the spotlight.

Teaching is valuable but it suffers a cruel irony of being a not so high paying industry. Teachers perform critical roles way beyond books and whiteboards in class and they deserve better treatment. We owe our future to them.

The current government has shown interest in accelerating the country’s educational standards and has vowed to deliver what is due to the teachers, hoping to see a nascent quality of life for teachers.

Teachers change lives. Let us change their lives, too. Salute to all the teachers! Thank you, dear teachers!#

Ching Monis

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